The Wind in the Wires: A Trails of Reba Cahill Novel

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wind in the Wires (Trails of Reba Cahill, #1)
Wind in the Wires
by Janet Chester Bly
Wind in the Wires by Janet Chester Bly
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

About the Book:
A cowgirl’s search for love and family. An old man’s quest to seek justice. An eerie story of lies and betrayal. Will the truth be too hard for either to bear? It’s 1991. Reba Cahill loves ranching with Grandma Pearl in north central Idaho. But there’s a lot of work and only two of them. Can she find a man worthy of her attentions and strong enough to help her run the ranch? She finds few prospects in the small town of Road’s End. But Reba is also missing something else: her mother. Deserted by her at three-years-old and never knowing her dad, she feels a sense of longing and loss. And bitterness. When elderly, quirky Road’s End citizen Maidie Fortress dies, Uncle Seth presents Reba Cahill with an expensive piece of jewelry that turns Reba’s world upside down. She is thrust into a journey with Seth that exposes dark family secrets and two cold case murders. The evidence leads her down unexpected paths and towards unsuspected admirers. Will the truth also ruin all hope for romance?

About the Author:
Janet Chester Bly
Janet Chester Bly is the widow of Award winning author Stephen Bly. She is author and co-author of 32 books, and contributing author to five others. Janet's hobbies include decorating her home in “country clutter,” shopping for a touch of bling and dressy denim, making wreaths for friends and family and church fellowship, reading and reviewing all genres of fiction, and mall walking. She lives in Winchester, Idaho--elevation 4,200 feet, population 325--situated on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and is home of Winchester Lake State Park.

My review
The term, "wind in the wires," refers to the music that sometimes happens when all the elements are just right: the capricious wind blowing across barbed wire strung just right. That describes Reba's journey through the secrets of her past. Bly rolls out just enough hints and foreshadowing to keep me going through twists and turns I never expected.

Bly's character development is strong. Not only Reba, but almost every character has layers and depth, down to little Becky. And there are a lot of characters in this novel. It might be helpful to make a list as you go, but all of them have a part in making "the wires sing."

I think my favorite part of Wind in the Wires is how Bly paints her setting. I can feel the hot desert wind and see the painted desert floor. I feel as though I finally took that "Out West" trip. And I'm looking forward to the next book in the Trails of Reba Cahill.

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