Learning to Live Again by Kimberli McKay -- My Review

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Learning to Live Again
by Kimberli McKay
About the Book
Some women have to forgive their husbands for being unfaithful. Vicky Morgan has to forgive hers for dying.

A year after a botched carjacking turned her into a widow at the age of twenty-five, Vicky meets a former police officer with connections to the crime that wrecked lives and sent her into hiding. She not only learns the fate of the officer injured in the attack, she has support from the only person who can understand what she suffered and lost that fateful night.

Clay Waters faces an uncertain future after his wife takes an extended vacation from their marriage. Unwilling to risk leaving their son without a parent, he quits his job at the police department. A decision that leaves him feeling useless until he meets the petite recluse who barely survived a face-off with a murderer.

Vicky gives Clay the sense of purpose he wants, and he provides her with protection she needs as she gradually expands her world and renews a faith she once tossed aside for a man. But when friendship turns to love, will the faith that's teaching them to forgive now keep them apart?

About the Author
Kimberli McKay pours her passion for the Carolinas into her stories, which she calls Lessons from the
Author Kimberli McKay
Landscape. Her short stories have appeared on Christian Fiction Online Magazine and several articles in the Charlotte-based, Our Community Entrepreneurs. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, where she has served as the Carolinas Area Coordinator and Genesis category coordinator. An amateur photographer whose photos have appeared on Carolina nature organization websites and Clash Entertainment's Verse of the Day, Kimberli and her husband, a pastor, live in North Carolina with their rescue pup, Gracie.

My Review
This is McKay's first book and it's a good one. Her writing is solid and her characters are fully fleshed out. She takes a tough topic and hits it hard. Don't assume you know how it's going to end at any point except the last few pages!

Be sure and have a box of tissues nearby because there are couple of scenes that where you'll need them. Women's fiction is definitely McKay's calling.